Why the Bristlecone Name?

Steady growth over time.

Ancient bristlecone pine forests are found in several western mountain ranges, but the oldest trees live in California's White Mountains. The oldest living organism on earth is a bristlecone pine named "Methuselah," dated by its tree rings to be nearly 4,800 years old.

Success in the most brutal of environments.

Bristlecone pines thrive at the 11,000 foot level on exposed and rocky hillsides. The White Mountains are a virtual desert and always bitter, cold, and windy. The trees' limbs are weathered into fantastic shapes by eons of exposure to the elements. Despite harsh conditions, the seeds from these ancient trees remain viable.

At Bristlecone, we’re focused on performance derived from a solid foundation of research. Like the bristlecone pine, our value approach is intended to help our investments weather even the toughest climates.